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Hear from a 20-year veteran officer who admits to having believed the stereotypes about
Muslims until an ING cultural diversity seminar gave her a different perspective.

Post-9/11: The Environment for Muslims

After 9/11 many groups and individuals suddenly started calling themselves experts on ‘Islam and terrorism’ and began offering trainings on the subject to law enforcement agencies around the country. Some of these “experts,” however, had hidden motives and were later exposed as Islamophobes taking advantage of a ready market for education about Muslims and their faith. The Department of Homeland Security even funded some of these groups until officials realized their true nature.

According to one excerpt from a letter sent to Attorney General Eric Holder by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, “It appears that some of these so-called experts have neither the academic nor the operational background in the material about which they train.”

Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller are both on record criticizing such trainings; Holder stated that they hurt both community-oriented policing and counter-terrorism efforts and Mueller ordered the offensive and inaccurate material purged from FBI trainings.

ING’s training for law enforcement agencies, which are required to have cultural diversity training to meet federal and state standards, is vital and immediately needed. ING fills the gap that Islamophobes are trying to rush into while also correcting misconceptions about the Muslim American community.

Some of the benefits of our training include:

  • Increased rapport, greater trust, and improved communication between law enforcement agencies and Muslim institutions
  • Improved law enforcement skills and public relations for the police department
  • Enhanced security and public safety for the community and officers
  • Prevention of hate crimes and harassment through increased reporting

What We Need

ING and its affiliates have conducted hundreds of training seminars for law enforcement agencies. $75,000 will help us expand our outreach to law enforcement personnel across the country as follows:

  • Create online training that can be accessed by police officers all around the country
  • Design and distribute marketing materials
  • Publicize the training to law enforcement agencies around the country

Hear what officers are saying about ING:

City of Walnut Creek Police Department, Walnut Creek, CA

“I thought the training was superb. The trainer was outstanding in the manner in which she delivered the information and her openness with the group. I heard nothing but positive comments from our team. I would like to see her return and talk some more.”

Bay Area Hate Crimes Investigators’ Association

“On behalf of the Bay Area Hate Crimes Investigators’ Association, thank you for your outstanding presentation on Muslim culture at our BAHCIA meeting. Both your written materials and your oral remarks were easy to understand and very helpful. I received many positive remarks from our members praising your presentation. I know that I speak for the entire group when I say that we learned a tremendous amount from your informative, positive presentation. As I stated at the meeting, both of the trainers set an excellent standard for cultural sensitivity talks for others to follow.”

Muslim communities throughout the country are counting on you to step up and take action to ensure equal rights for all Americans—and especially equal treatment by law enforcement.

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