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How can we stop bullying before it starts?

Education about Muslims and their faith is one of the most powerful tools for preventing bullying of Muslim youth. ING wants to build an iPad app for educators that includes lesson plans that supplement required curriculum about Islam in the context of social studies.

ING has all the content it needs, 21 years of experience in teaching about Muslims and their faith, and a solid network of educators across the country who have iPads and have worked with ING. Building the app will expedite distribution of the lessons plans and make it easier for educators to teach about Islam and Muslims all across the country.

Hear ING supporter Asfia Ahmed’s story about how her son Ather was bullied at school, and see how we are drastically countering negative perceptions about Muslims and their faith.

According to polls, up to 80% of Muslim children are bullied in schools, are least likely among religious groups to see themselves as thriving, and feel less respected and more stressed and worried than other children.

In response, ING supplements education about Muslims and their faith in the context of social studies. After ING presentations in schools and universities:

  • The number of students believing that Islam promotes peace rises by almost a third, while those who believe that the religion promotes terrorism falls by two-thirds.
  • The number of those who view Islam as oppressive to women falls by nearly two-thirds.
  • The number of students who view Muslims as insular and foreign drops by nearly two-thirds.
  • The number of those who regard Muslims as “Americans like myself” rises by almost a third, to 66% of respondents.

What We Need

Help ING reach its goal of $45,000 to continue its mission of preventing bullying and dispelling stereotypes about Muslims and their faith by helping to fund a new iPad app that provides downloadable teacher lesson plans. It will also help us design and distribute marketing material for the app.

What do teachers and students say about ING?

“The kids can see a Muslim person and hear that the speakers aren’t that different from them, and that helps reinforce the fact that Muslims are ordinary people just like they are.”– Middle School Teacher

“You changed my perception of your religion and I’m so pleased it did change. You opened my eyes to a whole other world.” – Middle School Student

“Thank you so much for being so open to our questions. I noticed that some of my friends that had been making jokes about Muslims and Arabs stopped – which I thought was excellent.” – High School Student

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