3 Ways Your Gift Promotes and Strengthens American Values of Religious Freedom and Cultural Pluralism

1) Made up of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu speakers who jointly speak on various topics that include shared values, living a traditional faith in today’s world, and a dozen other contemporary issues, the Interfaith Speakers Bureau demonstrates that our civility in expressing differences actually strengthens our shared humanity and develops our empathy and love for one another.

I enjoyed hearing from so many educated, informed individuals sharing their religion and practices with us. It was a safe, learning space for all. We need more of these types of workshops if there’s to be any hope for this country.

– Panel Attendee

2) Made up of speakers from various ethnic and religious backgrounds that include African Americans, Hispanics and Latinx, Indigenous Peoples, Asians, Jews and Muslims who jointly speak on the roots of bigotry and racism and ways to counter it, the Intercultural Speakers Bureau demonstrates how Americans can work together constructively to build an inclusive and equitable community for all.

This was a very educational panel and presentation. Anyone who hasn’t had or taken the time to learn the basics of the structural and historical elements of racism, colorism, and colonialism would gain a great deal from this panel.

– Government Employee, California

3) ING’s Halaqa-Seder program brings Jews and Muslims together to reflect on key narratives shared by both traditions, building mutual understanding, respect, and friendship between these two communities that in recent years have been in tension with each other.

I am delighted to see the conversations, the understandings, the connections that happen when we come together and we share those powerful stories that move us.

– Program Attendee

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