Islamic Networks Group (ING) is a peace-building organization providing face-to-face education and engagement opportunities that foster understanding of Muslims and other misunderstood groups to promote harmony among all people.

Founded in 1993, ING, and its affiliates around the country, reach millions of individuals and hundreds of groups a year at the grassroots level by building relationships, understanding, and peaceful communities of all types and backgrounds through programs that include:

  • Thousands of presentations, training seminars, workshops, interreligious and intercultural panels and presentations, and panel discussions annually in schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, and community organizations as part of cultural diversity curricula and programs, through a nationwide network of affiliates and partners.
  • Social media campaigns that promote cultural awareness and best practices for bringing diverse Americans together to get to know and learn from one another.
  • Online curriculum on topics related to cultural awareness and building bridges available to educators and community organizations


Our vision is a just, peaceful world where everyone contributes to the betterment of society while feeling equally respected and valued, and where Muslim Americans play a vital role.


Our mission is to promote peace among all, by fostering a deeper, more nuanced understanding of Muslims and other faith-based, racial/ethnic, and cultural communities, through teaching, learning, and engaging across differences.


We work with utmost integrity.
Our ways and methods must enhance our reputation for integrity, honesty, and transparency among our donors, clients, volunteers, supporters, and the American people. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of character, even when it’s hard or inconvenient. We represent ourselves – our capabilities and limitations – truthfully. We give credit where credit is deserved.

We are partners and collaborators.
We are a team both within ING and within America. We are stronger together and we believe that increasing understanding, acceptance, and friendship across diverse faith-based, ethnic, and cultural communities will lead us towards a more peaceful, harmonious America for all. Within ING, we work together, without ego, putting aside personal preferences and predilections to further ING’s mission. When we disagree, we do so respectfully. Outside ING, we believe in the fundamental goodness, dignity, and equality of all humans – and our connection to all humans in our shared humanity.

We work to the highest standards of quality.
We do our work to the best of our ability, in ways that further our day-to-day mission and longer-term vision. Our work product is both scholarly, professional, and accessible. We value feedback, even when it challenges our assumptions and requires us to consider new ideas. When we err, we acknowledge our mistakes and make amends as required.

We work with heart… and with balance.
We are a small team whose work is, at times, difficult and time-consuming. We do our work because we embrace ING’s mission. We also recognize that we can’t effectively or sustainably do this work that we do if we’re feeling depleted. So, we will take time off from our work to tend to other aspects of our lives in ways that can facilitate our return to work feeling refreshed and replenished. When it feels difficult to find the down-time we need to maintain a healthy work-life balance, we will communicate our needs to a team-member and work to find appropriate solutions.

We work in service of others.
We serve our stakeholders, including our donors, clients, volunteers, supporters, and the American people. We work to serve, support, and build understanding and acceptance towards faith-based, ethnic, and cultural communities that are misunderstood. We serve to bring diverse communities together to build a more peaceful, harmonious America in which all of its people feel respected, valued, and welcome.

We believe in the value of pluralism, diversity, and inclusion.
We interact with all people based on the belief that they are good, decent human beings. We see value in diverse beliefs, ideals, and practices and we work towards increasing acceptance and understanding of these differences to better all of our lives through personal enrichment and collective strength. We subscribe to the principles expressed in the religion clauses of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: our programs and services are therefore informative but also objective and non-proselytizing in nature.

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