Understanding and Countering Islamophobia

By Ishaq Pathan, ING Deputy Director. This speech was delivered at the at the Unity and Diversity – Countering Islamophobia Rally in San Francisco on March 31st, 2019.  Salaam alaikum and greetings of peace. In the wake of the horrific attacks in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago and… Read More

Trump’s anti-Muslim retweets exemplify schoolyard bullying

By Ishaq Pathan, INGYouth Manager. This opinion originally appeared in USA Today. This week I awoke to news that the president of the United States was retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda videos, the same kind of hateful content trafficked by well-known anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant bigots. The videos appear in three… Read More

How to end teen bullying from a Muslim who was targeted

By Ishaq Pathan, INGYouth Manager. This opinion originally appeared in the San Jose Mercury News. I was in seventh grade when a fellow classmate remarked, “I wonder how skinny Ishaq would be without the bomb strapped to his chest.” Looking back, I understand how this incident, which… Read More

Thanks for Standing Up for Muslims — And for America

By Ishaq Pathan, INGYouth Coordinator. This speech was delivered at the National Day of Jewish Action for Refugees rally held in Mountain View, CA. My dear Jewish sisters and brothers, I want to thank you, as a Muslim, and on behalf of Maha Elgenaidi and of all… Read More