Welcome Ramadan and the Convergence of Abrahamic Holidays

This year sees a convergence of holy days and seasons among the Abrahamic faiths occurring at roughly the same time: Ramadan for Muslims, Lent and Easter for Christians, and Passover for Jews. We wish you all a blessed season of holy days!  Online Resources for Ramadan ING Ramadan… Read More

Countering Bigotry at its Roots Prevents Genocide Later

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s declaration today at the Holocaust Museum that the ongoing attacks against the Rohingya Muslims by the government and military of Myanmar (formerly Burma) constitute genocide is a welcome step for this country and the world. Hearing his recounting of some of the evidence… Read More

ING Stands in Solidarity With Asian American Communities

Memorial for Atlanta Spa Shooting 1-year Anniversary | Photo via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution On March 16, 2021, eight people, including six Asian women massage workers, were killed at three spas in the Metro Atlanta area. ING remembers and honors these victims and stands in solidarity with the diverse Asian American… Read More

The Lingering Impact of 9/11, 20 years later

This opinion originally appeared in Medium. By Nisa Sheikh, Programs Manager August 16, 2021 My first day of 8th grade fell on 9/11/2001. I was starting the school year a couple of days late. My parents had gotten an exception from my principal because we were on a… Read More