Become A Youth Speaker

Welcome to the INGYouth Program
Access all of our training and tools for young American Muslims here.

Youth Speaker Certification
The INGYouth Speakers network connects Muslim youth across the country to formally and informally present on Islam and Muslims in schools and other settings.

INGYouth & Parent Workshops
Schedule a workshop and training to begin the INGYouth certification process in your area! The INGYouth Program is aimed at Muslim youth between 7th and 12th grades and includes parallel parent workshops.

Youth Speaker Videos
INGYouth Speakers work with our creative team to produce short question-and-answer style videos about Islam and Muslims. Check out some of our videos here, and share them with your friends!

Talking About Your Faith
There is a good chance that you may be asked to talk about Islam, either in your classroom or in some other public institution, in which case it is very important to keep in mind important guidelines when speaking about religions in the public square.