Community Statements

ING Commemorates Day to Combat Islamophobia

March 15, 2023 Observing the first International Day to Combat Islamophobia, ING joins the United Nations and and U.S. Secretary of State Blinken in calling for people worldwide to find ways to combat anti-Muslim hatred and all forms of bigotry. Read More

Resources for Ramadan, Women’s Day and More!

March 6, 2023 Educator and Workplace Resources for Ramadan Muslims in the US and around the world will be observing Ramadan, the Islamic lunar month of fasting, from March 23rd to April 20th. ING has a number of free resources for all types of educators about the month and its… Read More

Diversity Trainings for Judges | Live Presenters

February 22, 2023 DEI Trainings for Judges and Court Administrators ING recently held trainings for Santa Clara County Courts, the Judicial Council of California’s Center for Judicial Education and Research, and the Rutter Group’s Eliminating Bias Series on Muslims, which is MCLE accredited. For California judges, you may access the recorded ING… Read More

Muslim Guide for Healthcare | Calendar of Islamic Dates

January 26. 2023 Free Download: A Guide for Muslims on Countering Islamophobia in Healthcare Settings Numerous studies show that Muslim patients often encounter anti-Muslim bias and discrimination in healthcare settings. ING’s newest guide addresses common concerns for Muslims seeking healthcare and recommends ways that Muslims can constructively counter Islamophobia. Read More

Bring History to Life in 2023!

January 13. 2023 Bring History and Social Studies to Life Through Live Speakers! Available in-person or virtually for your classroom Consider including live speakers and panelists for students grades 7-12 as follows: A few of our multifaith & multiethnic speakers Intercultural Panels with Indigenous,… Read More

ING Lesson Plan on Imagery of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad

January 10, 2023 An artistic rendition of the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Source Lesson Plan: Exploring Perspectives on Imagery of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad Designed for educators is a new ING lesson plan to help guide classroom reflection and discussion on Muslim and academic perspectives on artistic… Read More

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2023 Greetings of Peace: As we begin the new year after a challenging three years of the pandemic, we pray that 2023 brings relief from these and the many other challenges we face locally, nationally, and globally. The Islamic tradition teaches that with every hardship comes… Read More

Support ING Supporting Professionals in DEI

December 26, 2022 Dear Friend and Supporter, *Research has indicated that 68% of Muslim Americans have experienced Islamophobia; and of these, 76% experienced it recently *94% report that Islamophobia affects their emotional and mental well-being *88% censor their speech or… Read More