Community Statements

9/11 Commemorations which we encourage you to attend

ING President Meets President Obama/ 9-11 Commemoration Events

Reflections of ING President, Maha Elgenaidi on Iftar and dinner with President Obama

ING@Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

Back-To-School Youth and Parent Webinar Answering FAQs About Islam and Response to Bullying

ING 9/11 Commemoration/Saturday Bullying Prevention Webinar

Don’t Wait for Hate: Support ING this Ramadan!

Ramadan Mubarak

ING in Collaboration with MPAC and ISNA Hosts Back-to-School Youth & Parent Training Webinars on Answering Difficult Questions about Islam and Muslims and Bullying Prevention

Join ING at the MYNA Regional Camp

Perception of Islam Tied to Muslim Americans’ Involvement in Their Communities

Is Bullying Really A Significant Problem in Schools?

MPAC and ING Invite You to a National Conference Call: Public Perceptions on American Muslims

ING Increase Efforts to Combat Islamophobia

ING President Attending White House Conference on Bullying Prevention

ING Speakers Bureau Training Workshops in Dallas, Texas February 25-27

Popular Protests in Egypt Forge Change Not Only in Politics, But in Perceptions

Year-End Appeal: Thank You for All Your Support

Federal Guidance Specific to Religion Based Harassment in Schools

ING Supports Dept of Education Actions on Harassment and Bullying

Thank you for Attending ING’s Annual Supporters’ Dinner/ING President Meets Dalai Lama

Classroom Curriculum: America, Muslims, and the NYC Islamic Center

Shana Tova and Eid Mubarak!

ING Interfaith Statement for One America

A Call to Action: Join ‘Muslim Serve’ National Campaign for Service & Understanding on 9/11

Muslim Serve”/ING Improves Perceptions of Islam and Muslims

Preventing Bullying & Harassment, Back to School and Park51 NYC Mosque

ING President participates in meeting with U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan

Responding to ‘Draw Muhammad Day’

ING Participates in Federal Government Meetings

ING Condemns NYC Plot and Supports Efforts against Extremism

A Conversation about Education Reform with the U.S. Department of Education

Can you have religious freedom without limiting free speech?

ING Statements on Religious Expression in American Public Life/Church Attacks in Malaysia

ING Statement on Church Attacks in Malaysia

Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and New Year

Register Online for ING’s 15th Anniversary Dinner

Muslims Launch National

ING Statement on Religious Extremism

Guide to Preventing Hate Crimes and Reporting Harassment

ING Condemns Deadly Attack at Ft. Hood

Thank You for Making ING’s Annual Supporters Dinner a Success

ING Breaks Fast with Secretary Clinton

ING Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

ING Participates in ISNA July 4th Weekend in D.C.

ING Reaches Over 20,000 People in 2008-2009 Academic Year

ING Welcomes President Obama’s Speech in Cairo

ING Statement on Alleged Terrorist Plot in NYC

ING Hosting Faiths Act Fellows

Become an ING Intern or Join ING Team of Volunteers

American Muslims Call for Swift Action Against Domestic Violence

Silcon Valley Interfaith Leaders Endorse Declarat
ion for Peace on M.E. Crisis

Celebrating a Historic Inauguration and Martin Luther King’s Legacy

Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

Blessed Eid, and Interfaith Forums

American Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

Action-Alert: Anti-Muslim Film Obsession Mailed to California Residents

Back to School at ING & Ramadan Kit

ING’s Cultural Competency Programming for Law Enforcement

Muslim Women Clerics Play Indispensable Role

ING “Interfaith Speakers Bureau” Panels

Muslim Scholars Back Call for Interfaith Dialogue

In Qatar, Muslim, Jewish Clerics Meet

ING Recognition Awards for Educators

Responding to and Preventing Hate in Public Schools

The Bible in Islam: Stories of Shared Prophets

Global Warming: Muslim American Responsibility & Response

Muslim Professionals & the Not-For-Profit Sector

Feminism in Islam

Intergroup Muslim and Jewish Conflict Transformation Program

Roots of Islam in America through Enslaved West Africans

Afghan American Muslim Outreach

Saturday, Feb 16th Speakers Bureau Training

ING’s Outstanding Pen Award for Inter-Religious Understanding

ING’s Healthcare Cultural Competency Presentations

Speakers Training & Women in Religion Dialogue

Professional Teacher Staff Development

Interfaith Speakers Bureau Training Tonight – 1/23/07

Highlights of Fall Semester

Islam & HIV/AIDS

ING Statement on the British Teacher in Sudan

Islamophobia and its Affects

Coexistence through Art

Power of One: How One Person Can Affect Change

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Islam

Feminism in Islam

Islamic Contributions to Civilization

Responding to “Islamo-Fascism Week” on College Campuses

Call for Unity from Muslim Religious Leaders

“Outstanding Philanthropist” Awards

Keep the Diversity, Seek the Harmony

ING Speaks at Antioch Mosque Vandalism March

Interfaith Prayer for Darfur & World Leaders

Marching Together Against Hate and Violence in East Contra Costa County

ING Joins Albany’s Peace Day

ING Guidelines for Hosting an Interfaith Holiday Event

Walk for Remembrance and Peace

Still Accepting Applications for The Unity Program for Abraham’s Vision

ING Presents to Homeland Security

ING’s Participation in ISNA Convention 2007

10% Increase in Presentations from Previous Year

Statement from the Association of Muslim Health Professionals on Events Unfolding in the UK

New Hires at ING

Cultural Competency Serving Arabs and American Muslim Families

Preserving the First Amendment

Healthcare for Muslim Patients

A Call for Moral Leadership: Imagining a New Heroism

Advocating Against Violence for One Nation

Muslim Americans: Mostly Middle Class and Mainstream

Islamic Contributions to Civilization

Religion in the Workplace

Could Genocide Happen Here? & FBI Meeting

Happy Earth Day!

An Interfaith Response to a Controversial Speaker

Happy Holidays from ING

New Speakers Bureau in Columbus, Ohio

Interfaith Dialogue Among Laity

The Mosque as an American Institution

ING Presentations at Bay Area Universities

ING and High School Presentations in Spring 2007

Inter-Religious Dialogue in the Bay Area

ING Adopts an Environmental Policy

ING Initiates and Participates in Interfaith Dialogues

ING Reaches 25,000 Americans of Other Faiths in Bay Area

ING Perspective on Holocaust Conference in Iran

Thank You to All Our Supporters!

ING’S Muslim Mental Health Training

Muslim Group Deflates Stereotypes

ING Trains Police Officers in Milpitas

Share in ING’s Promotion of Interfaith Dialogue and Education

ING Founder Invited to U.S. State Department For Annual Iftaar

ING Participates in Meaning of Ramadan Open Houses

ING Featured in 9/11 Specials on PBS and KGO

ING Perspective on Pope’s Remarks

ING Gears Up for a New School Year After ISNA Convention

Organization Aims to Educate Others About Religion

ING Responds to Arrests in Miami

Spike in Requests for Presentations About Islam & Muslims from High Schools

ING Summer Interns

Muslim-Jewish Relations in the Bay Area

ING Presentations on College Campuses

ING Joins “Day of Conscience for Darfur”

ING President Meets with Dalai Lama

Apostasy in Islam

ING Training for UCSF Nursing Department

Muslim Scholars’ Statement on Danish Cartoons Controversy

ING Training for Healthcare & Hospitals

ING Statement Regarding Danish Cartoons

Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Eid Mubarak & ING Updates in the Bay Area

ING President Message to ISNA 2005 Conventioneers

Role of Nationals in Terrorist Bombings

National US Muslim Organizations Condemn Terrorism

ING Condemns Terror Attacks in London

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Mukhtaran Mai’s Case

Opinion on Danish Cartoons Published in San Jose Mercury News

Frequently Asked Questions on Terrorism

ING’s Annual Community Support Dinner

ING’s Response to the War in Iraq

ING Parent-Child Workshops: Yaseen Foundation

ING Press Conference: Impact of War in Our Schools

ING Parent-Child Workshops: SBIA, San Jose

ING Commemorates “Day Of Remembrance”

ING Affiliates Conference

ING Launches Back-to-School Campaign to Prevent Hate

Sectarian Violence Between Sunnis and Shias

ING Endorses Fatwa Against Terrorism

ING Endorses 9/11 Commemoration Events

Commemorating 9/11 Anniversary

ING Response to the 9/11 Tragedy