Have you considered a cultural diversity seminar for your corporation?

ING’s Cultural Diversity Seminars for Corporate Leaders Help Create Inclusive Work Environments

Maha Elgenaidi at Northern Trust Company in Chicago

“It’s important to learn about other religions and cultures so we can better understand our clients and be more open minded about the world since we are a global company. It was an excellent event.” – Event attendee

For over 20 years, ING has provided cultural diversity seminars for executive officers, human resources managers, diversity professionals, and other corporate leaders to help increase employee satisfaction and performance by improving communications and teamwork among people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Our seminars highlight common stereotypes and other barriers faced by Muslims in the workplace, citing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports and other challenges experienced by Muslims in a post 9/11 environment. Trainers provide an overview of Muslim traditions and practices, pertinent contemporary issues, and their implications for Muslim employees, co-workers and clients. The seminar also addresses tips and strategies for preventing discrimination, as well as steps toward building an inclusive and productive work environment where all employees can perform their best. Managers will have the opportunity to share their current policies and assess how well their departments are accommodating cultural diversity needs.

Last month, ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi delivered a custom seminar in Chicago for over 200 partners of the Northern Trust Company, an international financial services corporation. The feedback was typical of similar seminars where 96% of attendees rated the seminar as “Excellent” or “Good”, and 98% found it highly relevant to their work and life. As one attendee noted, “I’m happy to see that Northern Trust is interested in educating their employees about diversity and understanding our partners and clients of different cultures. This provided me with general knowledge which I feel will make me a better and more informed partner.”

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Other ING Resources On Muslims and Their Faith for Corporations

Tips for Working With Muslim Employees

Muslim employees are not monolithic. Their behavior and religious observance will vary based on a number of factors such as national origin, ethnic background, culture, assimilation, level of education, upbringing, role of religion in their lives, etc. Additionally, among observant Muslims, you will find varied interpretations about issues such as dress and gender relations, which are also impacted by culture. One should not assume certain accommodations are needed based on the perceived background of the employee, but should ask if unsure, or wait for the employee to request accommodations. [Continue reading this resource at our site]

PowerPoint Slideshow and Accompanying Scripts for ING’s Core Presentation
“Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith”

Due to increased demand, we recently made our core digital presentation “Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith” available online for public use. The slideshow and its accompanying script serve as an excellent introduction and overview of Muslims and their faith.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Muslims and Islam

Another great resource for the public are our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. We regularly update these answers which focus on Islam and Muslims, Sharia in the United States, Islamophobia and its effects, and ISIS.

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