Contributions of Women at ING

ING offers panels and presentations with women speakers focusing on the lives, struggles, and contributions of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu women. To learn more and schedule a presentation or panel for your school, college, university, business, or community center, select from the below titles:

Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes

The role of Muslim women and Islam’s view of women is one of the most widely misunderstood and misrepresented aspects of the religion and its practitioners. This presentation describes the diversity of the lived experiences and statuses of Muslim women today throughout the world, and highlights examples of notable Muslim women in various fields, including over a dozen female heads of state. It also describes normative Quranic and prophetic teachings about the roles and responsibilities of Muslim women and explains issues such as the headscarf and gender relations.

Women and Religion

Religions have sometimes promoted and sometimes limited the rights and power of women. In this panel, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu women speakers discuss the ways that their religion can affirm and support women as they seek equality and freedom. Speakers will discuss textual, historical, and cultural precedents within their respective religions that have served to both liberate and subjugate women, contemporary challenges that religious women face in and beyond their religious institutions, and prospects for a more equitable and inclusive future.