Parliament of the World’s Religions: Meeting faith-to-faith and face-to-face – the Interfaith Speakers Bureau

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Date(s) - Monday, October 18th, 2021
8:00 am - 8:45 am


Working towards a world of peace and compassion entails building mutual understanding and respect across lines of difference. ING has 28 years of experience in building such respect through interfaith education and engagement. This session will introduce ING’s Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) as one way to build mutual understanding and solidarity by providing education about five major world faiths (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism) and an encounter with their adherents that most Americans have not had. The IFSB offers panels of trained speakers representing these religions who present the basics of their faith and then discuss a topic relating to religion in today’s world, including, for example, how various religious traditions relate to pluralism, to issues of church and state, to environmental questions, and to peacemaking. This combination of education and face-to-face encounters not only provides information but also builds relationships among people of different faiths and worldviews. This session will present an IFSB panel with an opportunity for Q&A. It will then discuss the operation of the program, including the development of presentation content and the training of panelists. It will conclude with an interactive discussion of how IFSB panels and lesson plans (available free of charge to educators) can serve the needs of local communities engaged in building interfaith relationships and how the IFSB can serve as a model for promoting mutual understanding and solidarity.

Speakers: Nisa Sheikh, Dr. Zachary Markwith, Ven. Tenzin Chogkyi, Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Dianne Muller, and Lakshimi Subramanian.

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