How can you help support ING and its Affiliates?


What can you do?


  • Support our work to train more spokespeople, reach more educators, broaden our interfaith engagement, and help more young Muslims to create safe, inclusive learning environments by donating to ING.

Share our resources:

  • Refer Muslim students and their allies in middle or high schools to an INGYouth Workshop to learn best practices for preventing bullying in their schools. They will also get trained to explain about Muslims and their faith as well as answers to frequently-asked questions about Islam and Muslims.


  • Join the Interfaith Speakers Bureau to participate in panels of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and Muslims discussing their religious practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Host an event:

  • Host an event at your home, community center, or house of worship and invite an ING speaker to discuss their experience as a Muslim in America. We can join you in person where we have an affiliate or via Skype.

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Thank you for your support.