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2/13/2017 Mountain View Voice – Hundreds gather at pro-refugee rally

2/9/2017 San Jose Mercury News – Muslim group aims to bring Bay Area communities together

2/8/2017 Sojourners – Why Are We Afraid of Refugees?

1/30/17 Huffington Post – How a Bible Belt Christian found herself working for a Muslim organization

1/28/17 WKRC12 Cincinnati – Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, others release statement regarding Trump’s orders

1/28/17 WAFF48 Huntsville – Multi-faith support for Muslims in wake of refugee ban, travel restrictions

1/26/17 San Jose Mercury News – Women’s Marchers Affirmed the Rights of American Muslims, Too

1/25/17 Bustle – 7 Muslim Advocacy Groups To Support Through Donations Or Volunteering

1/23/17 J The Jewish News of Northern California – Trump era sparks interfaith unity meeting in Berkeley

1/23/17 People’s World – San Jose march the biggest in its history

1/23/17 New America Media – Stirring Women’s March in San Jose: A Muslim Perspective

1/19/17 Patheos AltMuslim – Why We’re Allies of the Muslim Community – Five Short Stories

1/17/17 Patheos AltMuslim – 10 Ways to Be an Effective Ally to the Muslim Community

12/10/16 Peninsula Press – Bay Area Muslims and non-Muslims band together in wake of Trump election

12/1/16 San Jose Mercury News – Elgenaidi, Magat, St. John-Crane: Respond to hate with love

9/30/16 San Francisco Examiner – City leaders hail curriculum for combating Islamophobia in SF schools

9/29/16 NBCNews – Anti-Bullying Campaign Asks Students to ‘Know Your Classmate’

9/29/16 KTSF-TV – ‘Know Your Classmates’ Program Offers Lessons to Combat Bullying

8/28/16 The Press-Democrat – Close to Home: Learn about Muslims in county and build trust

8/12/16 The Christian Science Monitor – Why did Cannes ban the ‘burkini’ from its beaches?

4/15/16 Napa Valley Register – Napa speakers highlight kinship of Islam, Christianity, Judaism

12/14/15 The Valley Catholic – Muslim Leader Maha Elgenaidi Speaks at Santa Teresa Parish

12/12/15 BBC World (Spanish) – Muslims Have Contributed Much to the Building of the United States

4/17/15 Patheos – Why Muslims Must Continue to Stand Up to Anti-Semitism

3/30/15 Palo Alto Online – Muslims and Jews share stories, questions over Palo Alto feast

1/29/15 San Jose Examiner – Speaking out against extremism in Sunnyvale

11/4/14 Patheos – Being UnMosqued and Complacent is No Longer an Option

10/9/14 Huffington Post – Face-to-Face Interaction Is Key to Changing Misperceptions of American Muslims

9/30/14 TIME – ISIS is the Antithesis of Hajj, the Holy Pilgrimage

7/31/14 Huffington Post – Fewer Americans View Muslims Favorably, But the Door Is Wide Open to Better Understanding

7/25/14 ING –  American Muslims – A Source of Hope for Gaza and Beyond

7/23/14 ING –  ING Statement on Recent Anti-Jewish and Anti-Muslim Attacks

7/18/14 Patheos – The Golden Rule to Becoming Better People Through Religious Practices

7/17/14 Huffington Post – Coming in from the Cold: Pew Survey Reveals Continuing Icy Attitudes toward Muslims

6/28/14 Patheos – Ramadan 2014 – Reclaiming the Sacred

10/17/13 Huffington Post – The Secret Power of Interfaith Encounters

9/4/13 Mercury News – Sunnyvale Presbyterian invites pastor to separate Islamic fact and fiction

7/25/13 Patheos – Combating Islamophobia — Breaking through the Invisibility Cloak

4/15/13 Huffington Post – Pope Francis, a New Hope For Muslim-Catholic Relations

3/12/13 Islamic Monthly – The ‘Yin’ of Mosque Leadership – Bringing in the Feminine Side

11/19/12 Tennessean – Murfreesboro Mosque Celebrates Opening

10/15/11 Muslimah Source – Ordinary Heroine: Ameena Jandali (story no longer available)

9/12/11 San Francisco Chronicle – 9/11 remembered with memorials, music in Bay Area

9/8/11 Huffington Post – 9/11 Bullying: Muslim Teens Push Back

9/2/11 Mercury News – Interfaith event marks 9-11 anniversary

8/28/11 Pacifica Patch – 10 Years After 9/11: Civil Rights Still Under Attack

8/28/11 Mercury News – Bay Area residents recount post 9-11 backlash, as anniversary events approach

8/25/11 – Regaining the High Ground

8/24/11 Huffington Post – Muslims In America Divided On Improving Image 10 Years After 9/11

8/11/11 – Back to school: Free anti-bullying training for Bay Area parents and kids

8/10/11 – (Related Story) Back to school: Bullying damages the spirit as well as the mind

8/9/11 Catholic San Francisco – Religious leaders mourn Norway’s loss

4/23/11 – Learning about Sharia

3/21/09 Chicago Crescent – Ahead of the curve: Maha Elgenaidi; Speaker training workshops in Chicago this month

9/11/06 ABC7 – Bay Area Muslims Remember 9/11

2005 Pacific Union College – Amnesty International Takes the Stage

2001 – Speaking for Islam: Schools Have Questions about Muslims, and Bay Area Volunteers Have Answers.

11/15/2001 The Berkeley Daily Planet – Teaching Islam After September 11 Attacks.

12/9/99 SF – Islamic faithful await Ramadan