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Designed for dental care executives, administrators, directors, dentists, assistants, hygienists, and other dental care professionals, deans, department chairs, faculty, staff, and students in dental schools, this seminar titled, “Developing Cultural Competency: Dental Care for the Muslim Patient” provides valuable information and resources for enhancing understanding and cultural competency skills that improve dental care delivery for Muslim patients.

Developing Cultural Competency: Dental Care for the Muslim Patient

The purpose of this diversity seminar is to provide dental care providers with an overview of the challenges faced by Muslim patients in the current environment and suggestions for better serving this population. This seminar begins with a discussion on Islamophobia or anti-Muslim racism and its impact on Muslim Americans, including on Muslim patients. The seminar then provides an overview of Muslims and their faith, including values and traditions, before addressing common misconceptions. This is followed by a discussion on cultural competency considerations for dentists and other dental care professionals and what you need to know for day-to-day interactions with Muslims, including issues such as family dynamics, language, modesty and gender relations, dietary guidelines, and ritual practices. The training concludes with a series of case studies of potential scenarios and the best ways to respond to them.


  • Improved awareness and understanding of the current environment and its impact on Muslims generally and Muslim patients specifically.
  • Reduction in misunderstandings and barriers to accessing dental care.
  • Cultural awareness and development of cultural competency skills as it relates to working with Muslim American patients and their families.
  • Increased healthcare provider capacity for addressing growing diversity, persistent disparities, and the promotion of health equity.
  • More culturally appropriate responses to the needs of Muslim patients based on understanding of and respect for their cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Fulfillment of requirements for professional development and dental care education, including those that comply with CLAS and other dental care training standards.


Dental care executives, administrators, directors, dentists, assistant, hygienists, and other dental care professionals; deans, department chairs, faculty, staff and students in dental schools.


Workshop Length: 1-3 hours
Number of Participants: 20 or more
Available: onsite or via webinar

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