Supporting an Inclusive Workplace

The following videos were developed to supplement ING’s live diversity training seminar on “Supporting an Inclusive Workplace.” The first video is a preface to the other videos and addresses the historical origins of stereotypes about marginalized communities in the United States. The other videos address specific manifestations of bias against African, Latino, Asian, Jewish, and Muslim American communities with speakers from these communities.

Roots of Stereotypes

Dr. Zachary Markwith, ING Education Director (Bio)

Manifestations of Bias Against African Americans

Samantha Brown (African American), Educator and social justice advocate (Bio)

Manifestations of Bias Against Latino Americans

Karla Alvarez (Latina American), Equity and Inclusion Administrator (Bio)

Manifestations of Bias Against Asian Americans

Dr. Hien Do (Asian American), Professor at San Jose State University (Bio)

Manifestations of Bias Against Jewish Americans

Melanie Aron (Jewish American), Rabbi Emerita, Congregation Shir Hadash (Bio)

Manifestations of Bias Against Muslim Americans

Ameena Jandali (Muslim American), Instructor at City College of San Francisco (Bio)