Testimonials from Law Enforcement Training

Walnut Creek Police Department, Walnut Creek, CA

“I thought the training was superb. The trainer was outstanding in the manner in which she delivered the information and her openness with the group. I heard nothing but positive comments from our team. I would like to see her return and talk some more.”

“I really enjoyed the trainer’s presentation. I thought that her experience with police agencies and the Citizen’s Academy added to her credibility as an instructor and I appreciated her effort to learn our culture. I felt very good about the subject matter. It was presented in an unassuming style, which I believe was well received by those who participated. My only suggestion is that the training be given more time. Excellent presentation, very informative.”

“My personal thoughts are that the trainer was very informative. As I think I mentioned to you, I really had little clue as to the Muslim culture. I have a little knowledge of the religion, but not much. You demonstrated a lot of knowledge and are well versed in the topic, plus being well informed on the “state of the world”. You are also interesting to listen to, not boring. You have a good teaching style.”

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, Sunnyvale, CA

“Thank you for the excellent training you have provided to our department for the Advanced Office cycle covering Cultural Awareness. Your presentation “Working with the American Muslim Community” was informative, professionally delivered, and well received by the officers and the management staff of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety. Our officers will now have a better understanding of the Muslim community and this knowledge will help them better serve the diverse community that lives in Santa Clara County.”

“The Muslim trainer was excellent and her time should have been expanded.”

“Informing on the American Muslim community was excellent, I had no knowledge prior to this training.”

“Very knowledgeable trainer and receptive to our questions.”

“Opened my eyes, knowledge level was excellent.”

“Very informative, I learned a great deal.”

“A great understanding of cultures I thought I knew.”

Bay Area Hate Crimes Investigators’ Association (BAHCIA)

“On behalf of the Bay Area Hate Crimes Investigators’ Association, thank you for your outstanding presentation on Islam and Muslim culture at our BAHCIA meeting. Both your written materials and your oral remarks were easy to understand and very helpful. I received many positive remarks from our members praising your presentation. I know that I speak for the entire group when I say that we learned a tremendous amount from your informative, positive presentation. As I stated at the meeting, both of you (trainers) set an excellent standard for cultural sensitivity talks for others to follow.”

Comments from Middle and Upper Management Police Training (Lieutenants, Captains)

“I would like to have [the ING speaker] here again for the Police Assistants. Let me know so we could set up training.”

“The presentation was excellent. I learned quite a bit and thank you for wonderful selection. For me, just being exposed to a different culture is priceless.”

Comments from Officer Training (Non-Sworn Personnel)

“I thought it was outstanding. 1) It was very beneficial. The more we know about different cultures, the better we are able to do our jobs. It is safer for us and we are able to provide better service. 2) I may remember some of the cultural points and be able to better understand a case. I may also avoid insulting someone in his or her home. 3) The instructor was good.”

“Very informative. Somewhat helpful in my job as I deal with quite a few Afghani’s who are Muslim.”

“I thought it was worthwhile. I had very little information on that culture, and the background information will be useful. On the issue of why it was important to learn how Muslims pray, well, learning that their heads are on the floor goes a long way towards explaining why they would not want us to walk on their carpets with shoes on.”

“I thought the trainer did a good job presenting the information. It was not a topic that we could have been more actively involved with since, for the most part, our base knowledge was zero. I may never use the information, or I may use it tomorrow. Either way, it will have been useful in that it helps to make me more culturally aware of the citizens in the wonderful city in which I work.”