Training for Healthcare Professionals – It can be a matter of life and death

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Training for Healthcare Professionals:

It can sometimes be a matter of life and death 

It’s everyone’s worse nightmare.  Mohammad Kochi, a 63-year-old Afghan refugee settled in California, visited the hospital after experiencing extreme stomach pain. The prognosis is gastric cancer, but his son tells him it’s bacteria to avoid alarming his father, whose lack of English proficiency makes understanding the doctor difficult. Eventually Kochi, the subject of the documentary Hold Your Breath, undergoes surgery, but then requires chemo, which he refused after being misinformed what it entailed. The doctor in turn, misunderstood this rejection to be based on religious grounds. Confused and frustrated, Kochi’s daughter visited the doctor, pleading, “Why would the doctors keep seeing my father without providing chemotherapy?” Miscommunication on cultural and religious values had a devastating effect on Kochi’s healthcare.
In medical emergencies, you may not have the capacity to teach about Islam and Muslim practices.  Even if you do, this could waste precious moments when your healthcare professionals could be already taking the next steps.  Sometimes what a doctor doesn’t know can be a matter of life and death.
At ING, we believe healthcare providers need accurate information on religious communities, to be better equipped at handling the growing diversity in America.  That is why we offer special seminars for healthcare professionals to be trained to address the specific needs of Muslim patients, including general healthcare, women’s healthcare, and mental healthcare.

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