INGYouth Testimonials

Hear what Muslim youth have to say about our INGYouth Workshops & Speaker Trainings

“I thought it was going to be boring because my mom forced me to come here. I had the idea in my mind that we were just going to get lectured and when we came here I was very surprised… we met new people, and it was actually a lot of fun.”

“One of the best things was the information in the speakers kit: all those questions were super-interesting. I didn’t know how to respond to certain parts and having that with me, if i’m ever faced with a situation, I’ll know what to do now. I think that’s the biggest thing that I came away with. I can respond without being too passive, or too aggressive.”

“In the beginning, I didn’t know how this was going to turnout. This is like my first workshops thing so coming in I was like I’m not gonna like it. But in the end, when I got to experience it, I was meeting new people and I thought this is cool. I’m understanding my religion more. Now I can understand certain scenarios that happen. I don’t have to react negatively, I can actually educate people and let them know the facts about my religion.”

“Whenever someone says something negative about Islam to you, I feel that the immediate reaction is to get scared almost. It gets a little tiring when people ask all these questions. You want to have a response that makes them like respect you because everyone deserves that respect. The program really did teach me that I don’t have to be the person who doesn’t have a response to anything. You don’t have to turn away from that person and ignore the rude comment and the dirty look because people can change and people can learn if only you have the right resources to teach them.”

“I just want to say it was awesome to be able to talk about situations where we felt we were bullied because it helped me realize that I’m not the only one who’s been in these situations. And that I can talk to people about them. A lot of times, our parents are busy or teachers can’t talk at the moment so it’s nice to have someone to sit down with and tell them that you’re having this problem in a safe space. And it’s people our age so we’re getting advice and perspective from people who have gone through the same thing.”

“My parents are always complaining that I’m on my phone all the time. I didn’t touch my phone once because of the great time I was having.”

“In light of recent events, the people around me have become more and more curious about my religion. Before I joined ING, I was simply trying to answer these difficult questions to the best of my ability with the little knowledge that I had, desperately trying to make my religion not sound irrational. After I became involved with ING, I’ve expanded my knowledge and it is a lot more stable and solid now; I know exactly how to respond and am informed. The best feeling is being confident when explaining my religion and being able to trust that I’m giving the right answers.”