15,000 Face-to-Face Meetings by ING Speakers


ING Speakers Reach Over 15,000 People

Through mid-March of this academic year, ING has spoken to at least 15,000 people throughout the San Francisco Bay area. We project that ING presentations will reach 20,000 people by August 31.

As shown in the pie chart below, the Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) is projected to account for 81% and the Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) for 19% of audiences this year. The share of ISB presentations is due to intensified interest in Muslims and Islam in the wake of ISIS atrocities and other headline events involving Muslims.


ING presentations continue to have dramatic impact on attitudes. The following data are from surveys conducted with high school students from 9/1/14 to the present, and show that after an ING presentation:

The percentage of those believing that
Islam promotes terrorism falls by 75%:


“Our speaker did a phenomenal job! We were very pleased with the outcome, and would like to do this every year!” Middle school teacher, Morgan Hill

The percentage of those knowing that Muslims “have long been a part of the history of this country” increases by over 43%:


“My views have changed. I thought Muslims praised an idol but they pray to ‘Allah’ which means God.” Middle school student, Oakland

The percentage of those seeing American Muslims as “Americans like myself” increases by almost 50%:


“The Muslim faith is very similar to Christianity in many ways, which I didn’t expect.” High school student, San Jose

The percentage of those believing that Muslims
view women as inferior falls by over 70%:


“I wanted students to learn about who Muslims really are and dispel the stereo-types that they hear in the media. The students were surprised to learn about the rights that Muslim women have and to learn about how fundamentalism is not the norm.” High school teacher, San Francisco

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 18 – 6 pm
ING Interfaith Service Day

Second Harvest Food Bank, San Jose

For the past few years ING has been holding Interfaith Service Days to join various faiths together in service. ING’s first Interfaith Service Day this year will be at the Second Harvest Food Bank’s South Bay location at 4001 North 1st Street, San Jose on Wednesday, March 18 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We will be sorting and boxing food for distribution and will be joined by ING Board Chair Randy Pond who has also served on the board at Second Harvest. For more information or to participate, please write to [email protected].

Sunday, March 22 – 9:15 am
ING at the American Academy of Religion – Western Region Conference
AAR Western Region Annual Conference, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara

ING’s Maha Elgenaidi will join scholars Prof. Philip Riley of Santa Clara University and the Rev. Andrew Kille of Silicon Valley Interreligious Council (SiVIC), to discuss the forms that interfaith work has taken in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay area. The session will be held Sunday, March 22, 9:15-10:45 AM.

Wednesday, March 25 – 11 am
Canaries in a Coal Mine: How Islamophobia Threatens All Communities
Private research briefing, San Jose

On March 25, ING will be hosting ISPU’s (Institute for Social Policy and Understanding) research briefing on Islamophobia, focusing particularly on state-level anti-civil-rights legislation and its impact on all communities. Guests include Bay Area leaders from the political establishment, media, and interfaith and civic organizations. Joining the panel are ING’s Maha Elgenaidi, ISPU’s Director of Research Dalia Mogahed and ISPU’s COO and Director of Policy Impact Farhan Latif.

Friday, March 27 – 7:30 pm
Community Conversation with ING and CAIR: Chapel Hill Murders, Islamophobia, and Moving Forward
San Ramon Valley Islamic Center, San Ramon

On March 27, San Ramon Valley Islamic Center’s March Family Night will be hosted in partnership with ING, CAIR-SFBA, and Muslim Mental Health Professionals Network. We’ll be discussing the current landscape of hate crimes and Islamophobia. With anti-Muslim advertisements running on buses in San Francisco and the tragic killings in Chapel Hill, understanding what is happening and what we can do to push back as individuals and a community is critical. Speakers will include: Maha Elgenaidi (ING), Zahra Billoo (CAIR-SFBA), and Shireen Khan-Amirkani (Muslim Mental Health Professionals Network). Complimentary dinner will be served at 7:30 PM, with the program beginning at 8:15 PM.

Sunday, March 29 – 5 pm
Halaqa and Seder: Muslim and Jewish Perspectives on the Exodus Story
Private residence

ING Content Director Ameena Jandali and Rabbi Laurie Hahn-Trapper will explore the Exodus story in both the Qu’ran and the Torah at a combined halaqa and seder, including a kosher/halal dinner and conversation. The event will be held on March 29, starting at 5:00 PM. This event is now sold out.