For K-12 Educators, Colleges and Universities

Resources for K-12 educators, as well as colleges and universities. They include online lesson plans about Muslims and Islam, multifaith topics, and individual and systemic racism as well as resources for teaching about Islamophobia and 9/11, webinars for school educators, an overview of the religious practices of Muslim students in public schools, and guidelines for teaching about religion in public schools.

For All Professional Groups and the General Public

Resources for all professional groups including educators as well as the general public. They include general overviews about Muslims and their faith as well as Ramadan and fasting, answers to frequently asked questions, including questions about Sharia, a calendar of Islamic dates, a recommended reading list, and a series of webinars about relevant topics.

Other ING Interfaith Programs

Interfaith programs including Know Your Neighbor (KYN), a national grassroots interfaith program and Halaqa-Seder, a project for the joint Muslim and Jewish study and celebration of the Exodus story.