Educational Presentations and Panels for Schools and Community and Civic Groups

ING provides educational presentations and panels that supplement content standards or curriculum for schools, grades 7-12, universities, as well as adult learning for community-based organizations such as churches, synagogues, other houses of worship, and civic organizations such as rotary clubs.

Main Topics

Muslims, their Faith and Perspectives

ING provides presentations on various topics relating to Muslims and their faith, including Getting to Know Muslim Americans and Their Faith, A History of Muslims in America, Muslim Contributions to Civilization, Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes, Islamophobia and Its Impact, Ramadan and Fasting, customized presentations, and diversity training for professional groups.

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus and their Religions and Perspectives

ING provides interfaith panels on various contemporary topics, including Living the Faith, Shared Values Among Faiths, Religion and Pluralism, Religion and Extremism, The Abrahamic Faiths, Women and Religion, Peacemaking in Religion, Religion—What Is It Good For?, Religion and Environmental Concerns, Religious Holidays, Separation of Church and State, Muslim-Jewish Relations in the U.S., customized panels, and diversity training for professional groups.

Countering Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Black Racism, and Other Forms of Bigotry

ING provides presentations about various topics that are especially tailored for middle and high school students and educators and other adult audiences, including Countering Bullying with Knowledge, Civility, and Respect, Countering Bigotry and Racism through Calls to Action, and diversity training for professional groups.