• Research shows that brief, friendly conversations can cause people to reevaluate their biases.

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Islamic Networks Group (ING) is a non-profit organization with affiliates around the country that are pursuing peace, and countering all forms of bigotry, through education and interfaith engagement while working within the framework of the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom and pluralism.

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Our Islamic Speakers Bureau and Interfaith Speakers Bureau provide speakers and panels that supplement diversity programming and social studies curriculum standards. Request an interfaith panel or Muslim speaker here.

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Supplementing cultural diversity programming, ING provides training seminars to help law enforcement agencies, businesses, healthcare facilities, and school district offices and school staff relate appropriately and effectively to Muslim communities, employees, clients, students, and parents. Schedule a Cultural Diversity Seminar here.

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Supplementing the academic study of religion, ING offers a rich array of curricula that can be downloaded free of charge by educators in middle and high schools and universities. ING’s curricula cover diverse topics and include digital presentations, discussion questions, activities, and links to films or film clips with accompanying questions.

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Know Your Neighbor: Multifaith Encounters

Join us in promoting peace and building harmonious communities by coming to know your neighbors across lines of difference.

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Aiming to prevent teasing and bullying, the INGYouth program empowers teen American Muslims with the resources, skills, and sense of belonging to counter misconceptions about their identities through peer-to-peer education and dialogue. Learn more here.

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If you enjoy teaching about Muslims, their traditions, and their diverse perspectives, then consider joining our nationwide Speakers Bureaus by attending a speaker training!

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If you are interested in affiliating your local organization with ING to receive our programs and materials, let us know!

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Read ING staff perspectives on current events and timely topics such as interfaith relations, religious pluralism in the United States, and more. Click individual photos to see that person's posts, or the button below to see the full staff blog. 

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