ING Impact

2019 Year End Report

Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian facilitated 3 ING interfaith panels in 2019 before hundreds of Mountain View community members. Topics addressed included Religion & Pluralism, Separation of Church & State, and Shared Values Among Faiths.

*Averaged 10 presentations and panels a week in 2019;
*Reached 1.5 million unique users through our website; 
*Educators and activists in 48 states downloaded our lesson plans and online curriculum.

Your investments in ING this past year have borne fruit even greater than we expected! Thanks to support from Americans like you and from foundations, we were able to achieve the following in 2019. See full 2019 Year End Report online.

  • Grew high impact cultural diversity trainings by 450%: we reached 1,100 professionals in various fields this year, up from 245 in 2018.
  • Received certification from the State of California for our law enforcement training: trainees will now receive professional credits, which will greatly increase attendance as we deliver these trainings across the state in 2020.
  • Grew Muslim teen workshops by over 1500%: we conducted 15 workshops for nearly 1,000 students, up from just two workshops with 60 students in 2018.
  • Launched a new Intercultural Speakers Bureau that addresses the interconnectedness of all forms of bigotry and racism: we successfully piloted ICSB panels in 12 varied venues, including schools, houses of worship, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations.
  • Increased Interfaith Speakers Bureau panels by 143%: we increased our total audience at IFSB panels to 5,000, up from 3,500 in 2018, and participated in a four-part interfaith series on public radio that reached 400,000 people in the South Bay.
  • Increased traffic to our website by 500%: our website received 1.5 million unique users this year, up from 300,000 in 2018, and ING lesson plans and PowerPoints were downloaded in 48 US states, Canada, and throughout Asia and Africa.
  • Averaged ten face-to-face presentations and interfaith panels a week: we spoke to 15,000 people face-to-face in the Bay Area.

Download a copy of the 2019 Year End Report here.
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ING Accomplishments, 1993-Present

In 2018, ING celebrated its 25th year of providing educational programs in diverse venues both locally and nationally. To learn more about ING’s accomplishments, we invite you to view a list of ING presentations, panels, and other events over the past 26 years in diverse venues, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also nationally, both through live presentations and via webinar. We includes statistics on our classroom presentations in schools, colleges, and universities, as well as a listing of panels and presentations for community and faith based organizations, and cultural diversity seminars for law enforcement agencies, corporations, health care facilities, faith-based organizations, and other community groups.

ING Presentations and Panels, 1993-Present

Middle and High Schools

Colleges and Universities

Faith Based Organizations

Community Organizations

School District Staff

Healthcare Facilities

Law Enforcement Agencies


Media Agencies