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Executive Summary to 2014-2016 Impact Report

In a time of growing Islamophobia at all levels of society and government, ING’s response is to push back, as we have always done, against anti-Muslim bigotry and to work for the interreligious and intercultural harmony that our country and our world so greatly need today. We have naturally continued to pursue this goal through our presentations, but, as the 19th-century American poet James Russell Lowell said, “New occasions teach new duties,” and ING has been busy over the past several years in exploring new channels for our efforts to bring people of diverse cultures and faiths together for mutual education and engagement.

Islamophobia remains a major threat to the harmony and cohesiveness of American society, and the work of ING continues to be critically important. Providing education about Islam and Muslims in the context of enhancing religious literacy among all faith practitioners is central to creating a pluralistic society. We hope that you will continue to support ING’s important mission to educate Americans about Muslims and their faith, while promoting religious literacy, understanding, and mutual respect, and building relationships among people of diverse cultures and religions.

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ING Accomplishments, 1993-Present

ING is now celebrating its 25th year of providing educational programs in diverse venues both locally and nationally. To learn more about ING’s accomplishments, we invite you to view a list of ING presentations, panels, and other events over the past 25 years in diverse venues, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also nationally, both through live presentations and via webinar. We includes statistics on our classroom presentations in schools, colleges, and universities, as well as a listing of panels and presentations for community and faith based organizations, and cultural diversity seminars for law enforcement agencies, corporations, health care facilities, faith-based organizations, and other community groups.

ING Presentations and Panels, 1993-Present

Middle and High Schools

Colleges and Universities

K-12 School Districts Administrators and Staff

Faith Based Organizations

Community Organizations

Healthcare Facilities


Law Enforcement Agencies

Media Agencies