5 Ways Your Gift Prevents Bullying and Discrimination

December 22, 2020

Happy holidays from all of us at ING!

5 Ways Your Gift Prevents Bullying and Discrimination

1) Our speaker training for Muslim teens builds their resilience and capacity for responding to difficult questions about Islam and teaching their peers about Muslims in the classroom. (Pictured above is one of our teen speakers presenting to her classroom.)

The INGYouth program is extremely useful! I wouldn’t have been able to present about Muslims and Islam to my peers without the proper prep and training ING provided. Due to the training, I requested to assist the teachers in teaching about Muslim issues in my school and now 175 students have a new perspective about Islam and Muslims.

– High School Student, California

2) Our Islamic speakers’ bureau supplements education about Islam and Muslims in schools and universities that often lack accurate resources for teaching and which need context by live Muslim American presenters.

These students will take this new awareness with them everywhere. I honestly wish every single high school could have this ING presentation – things would change I am sure of it.

– High School Teacher, California

3) Our cultural diversity trainings for police departments, cities, corporations, healthcare facilities, and school districts improves the quality of life for Muslim Americans while providing service professionals the tools they need to do their best in serving their communities.

I thought that ING training was outstanding. It was relevant, informative, and engaging. This is a training that all public officials could benefit from, and I learned a lot about Islam and Muslims that I did not know. Everything I learned can be put to practical use and will ensure that we continue to offer the highest standards of service to all members of our community.

– Commander, Police Department, California

4) Our online content for educators, community activists, and anyone seeking knowledge about Islam and Muslims is being downloaded in all 50 states in addition to downloads in Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

Thank you for your ING resources. This is my second year using them in my 9th grade World History and African History (9-12 grade) classes. The resources provided by ING have helped me to confidently speak and teach about Islamic contributions and culture.

– High School Teacher, Florida

5) Our answers to more than 150 frequently asked questions about Islam and Muslims are the most visited pages on our website, reaching millions of people annually.

Covering topics that range from basic questions about Muslim beliefs and practices to controversial issues such as extremism, sharia, and the rights of women, they provide an invaluable service to anyone seeking immediate answers to difficult questions about Muslims and their faith.

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