A Clarion Call for Unity: Know Your Neighbor


A Clarion Call for Unity: Know Your Neighbor

America is the most diverse nation in the world — a rich society of individuals who come from different religious and cultural traditions and heritages, and who hold different social and political views. As Americans, we must reject stereotypes and foster understanding and dialogue among one another. One way this can be done is by getting to “Know Your Neighbor.”

In this spirit, we reaffirm our pledge:

Our strength as a nation comes from the ability to hold true to our own faith and values while defending the religious freedom of our neighbors. I pledge to get to know my fellow Americans of all traditions and systems of belief and to share my own. Moreover, I will speak out against hatred and misinformation against others when I encounter it.

You can unite with us in this effort by signing this pledge at Know Your Neighbor.

We also invite you to join our Know Your Neighbor – Multifaith Encounters campaign, which was initiated at the White House in December 2015 and has continued to grow in size and influence throughout the year. This campaign aims to build interreligious and intercultural understanding, empathy, and respect by promoting face-to-face encounter between people of diverse faiths and worldviews.

Please join us in our efforts to foster religious dialogue in our great nation and promote equality and respect for all by:

  1. Visiting our interfaith events map to find interfaith events and programs in your community that you can join to develop understanding and foster relationships;
  2. Sharing interfaith events and programs in your community with us so that we can publicize them through our network; and
  3. Joining our coalition, which is open to organizations that share our values and have interfaith events and programs they wish to promote. You can find out more about this coalition and its members at our website and by contacting ING’s Interfaith Coordinator Kate Chance at [email protected].
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PICO National Network
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