Addressing Racial Identity, Bigotry & Racism

ING offers live panels featuring representatives from various groups that have historically suffered from racism, as well as a series of lesson plans which examine the roots and impact of bigotry and help students brainstorm ways to counter them.

Live Panels with Diverse Cultural and Religious Groups

A panel of representatives from the following intercultural groups provide perspectives on the topics of bigotry and racism: Muslim, Jewish, African, Indigenous, Latino/Hispanic, and Asian American communities. Available panel topics include Countering Bullying with Knowledge, Civility, and Respect, Countering Bigotry and Racism through Calls to Action, and Diversity Training for Professional Groups. To schedule a presentation, visit here.

Lesson Plans on Countering Racism

ING offers 14 comprehensive lesson plans that discuss the role of dominant narratives, the effects of colonialism, and the origins and impact of systemic racism on the following groups: Indigenous Peoples, African American, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu American communities. The curriculum concludes with strategies to counter bigotry and racism. Download lesson plans here.