Alabama Training Attended by 65 Participants


ING representatives conducted a new ING affiliate training this past weekend in Alabama. ING trainers included Aisha Morgan, ING’s Education Manager. 65 people attended the training with about 35 people taking the post training test – the first in a series of three tests to become a speaker. The training is the first step in becoming an ING affiliate. ING affiliates replicate the ING model in both presentations and content. ING presently has 22 affiliates across the country.

This particular affiliate will be under the sponsorship of the Interfaith Mission Service which developed a program to teach Americans about Islam. The inspiration behind the program was Jane Davis, who was named 2012 Citizen Diplomat of the Year by the International Services Council (ISC) of Alabama. Jane, who attended the training, has had a lifelong interest in comparative religion and the history of religion and culture.

Help us continue ING’s critical work of educating about Muslims and their faith.


New ING Affiliate organizers including Deborah Abu-Alrub