American Muslims Engaged in Interfaith Action

At ING we are deeply committed to bringing faiths together to build bonds with each other and to learn from one another. In the video playlist below, we hear from eight American Muslims who have committed part of their lives to doing interfaith work through ING’s Interfaith Speakers Bureau.

Speakers in this Bureau participate in panels that address crucial contemporary interfaith issues such as living one’s faith, the separation between church and state,  and the perspective of one’s religion towards plurality. As in an Interfaith Speaker’s Bureau panel, each speaker was asked questions relating to their faith.

Specifically, the ING speakers featured in these videos were asked to answer the following three questions:

  • What do you want people to know about your faith?
  • What aspect of your faith is most important to you?
  • Why is the interfaith speakers bureau important to you?

Use the Next/Previous arrow buttons to either side of the Play/Pause button to move through the playlist.