An invitation before the year is out

Today is your last opportunity to support ING’s important programs and people before the year is out. We would greatly appreciate your partnership as we move into a new year.

This is an invitation to a shared future: where people of diverse backgrounds are understood and respected, and in which American Muslim communities play a vital role in promoting values of inclusion and coexistence; where prejudice and discrimination against others based on their personal faith are viewed as artifacts of a bygone era; where the American ideals of self-determination, respect for pluralism, and common action for the common good once again reign.

I humbly ask that you join us in this effort. The path is steep and the work can be draining, but we are bolstered by our faith and an unwavering belief in our fellow humans. We’ll get there — together — God willing.

Even in times when we are tempted to despair or feel hopeless, we must remind ourselves of the divine inevitability of our cause while not losing sight of our responsibility to bring it about. As the great American leader (and ordained minister) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. noted, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

We’ll see you in 2017, and in 2018, and every year after that until we’ve bent that arc all the way to the Beloved Community.


Maha Elgenaidi
Chief Executive Officer