“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


ING speakers in action

Thank you for your support! You’re smart to support the work of ING in education and interreligious engagement because, as the expression goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Everyone is now discovering the value of this work—not only for clearing up misconceptions about Islam and Muslims but also for preventing bullying of Muslim children in schools and discrimination against Muslims elsewhere in society.

ING’s work has always been important even without crises; it was important twenty years ago when we began the work, and continues to be more relevant than ever, as it will be in the future because education and interreligious engagement never cease to be important for building religious harmony among all Americans while supporting the religious identity of American Muslims.

Please continue to invest in ING because it’s smart work now and for generations to come.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should continue to invest in the work of ING while building the first of its kind American Muslim community endowment fund, ensuring financial stability for generations to come:

  • Our impact continues to be strong. In summary, our 2014-2015 Impact Report shows the following:
    • 40% increase from last year in demand for presentations and seminars.
    • 51% decrease in Islamophobic or “Muslim negative” responses to surveys after an ING presentation compared to those before.
    • 131% increase in the ratio of “Muslim positive” to “Muslim negative” survey responses.
    • 97% of requesters found ING speakers “excellent” (74%) or “good” (23%).
    • 67% increase in total audience members for the Islamic Speakers Bureau (from 6,603 attendees to 11,009 attendees).
  • Demand for our work continues to grow. We now have Affiliates (independent chapters) in over 20 states and one Canadian province.
  • We have excellent, outstanding staff, made up both of scholars and of experts in religious education and interreligious engagement, who are constantly producing new content to meet the needs of our time.
  • ING is BBB accredited since 2008, which means we’re a trustworthy investment. We surpass federal requirements in governance, financial transparency, and program effectiveness.
  • Our future goals include expanding the good work we’re already doing by giving more educators, professionals, and community activists access to our content and programs. Here’s where you can see our objectives for next year: 2016 Principal Goals.

ING is an invaluable intersection between American Muslims and the broader American community. We bring people together to fight bigotry and stereotypes and to uphold the best of our faiths and the American values they embody.

Thank you,

Maha Elgenaidi
Chief Executive Officer