Sheltering the Spirit During COVID-19

By Ameena Jandali, ING Content Manager, Henry Millstein, Content Manager and Program Analyst, and Bat Sheva Miller, ING Speaker. The coronavirus is taking a toll not only on Americans’ bodies but also on their minds and spirits. A recent study revealed that alcohol and cannabis sales are soaring, along… Read More

Bay Area Muslims Took on Hunger this Ramadan

By Ameena Jandali, Content Manager Inspired by a call by the local PICO chapter, People Acting in Community Together (PACT), for each religious community to take up a social justice issue this year, ING volunteered to address the persistent problem of hunger this Ramadan, since one of… Read More

Recognizing the Unsung Sheroes of Women’s History Month

By Ameena Jandali, Content Director. This opinion originally appeared at Patheos. Women from time immemorial have been the foundation and sustainers of life and society, giving birth, raising the next generation, preparing the food that keeps us all alive and often risking everything for the welfare of… Read More

When The Muslim And Jewish New Years Collide

By Ameena Jandali, Content Director and Terry Fletcher, ING Interfaith Speakers Bureau member. This opinion originally appeared at The Forward. This year both the Jewish New Year and the Islamic New Year will fall on the same day. With both faiths beginning their days at sunset, the… Read More

Ameena Jandali’s Speech at San Francisco Women’s March

By Ameena Jandali, Content Director. This speech was delivered at the San Francisco Women’s March on January 21, 2017. I want to thank the organizers for their great efforts in organizing this rally and march which is being replicated across the Bay, the country, and the world. And thanks to… Read More

ISIS is the Antithesis of Hajj, the Holy Pilgrimage

By Ameena Jandali, Content Director. This opinion originally appeared at TIME. Every year during the time of hajj a feeling of nostalgia overcomes me as the media begins covering one of the world’s largest annual religious gatherings. Although I performed hajj almost nine years ago, the experience… Read More