Bay Area Muslims Take on Hunger in Ramadan

Despite all the advances of modernity, hunger is still widespread in the world. Eleven percent of the world’s population, a total of 830 million people, suffer from hunger. Although the U.S. is among the most affluent countries on the planet, the hunger rate here is actually higher than the world rate at 12.7% — a total of 41.5 million people suffering from hunger. And in California, despite having the 5th-largest economy in the world, the hunger rate is still higher than the global average, at 12.3%, or almost five million people out of a total state population of nearly 40 million.

In Islam, as in all religions, there are numerous scriptural injunctions about the importance of feeding the hungry. Most famous among them is the prophetic saying,
“He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbor goes hungry.”

In recognition of the need for raising public awareness about hunger in the region and the nation, Bay Area Muslim communities along with People Acting in Community Together (PACT) and other interfaith allies addressed the issue of hunger during Ramadan (May 16th, 2018 through June 14th, 2018) in the following ways:

You can learn more about the Ramadan 2018 hunger awareness campaign by reading ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali’s blog. Please see the following media articles as well:

Participating Organizations

The following organizations are participating in the campaign this Ramadan. We have listed events below in order of the dates of their public interfaith iftar (breaking of the fast) dinners or public service events.