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ing logo markAttend one of our upcoming summer Speakers Bureaus trainings in July or August. Write to[email protected] to be added to the list of trainees.

The following testimonial is just one of many similar comments we receive about our speakers and presentations:

“Part of what made your ING speaker so effective was her deep familiarity with other faiths – so she could describe our commonalities & differences, in context. And her clear respect for other faiths – and her commitment to ‘inclusivity’ – created a strong foundation of trust. Even when questions posed to her were tough or accusatory, she stayed cool, centered, accurate, and ‘on point,’ which further added to her credibility. She did not become defensive, but used her intellect to rebut the argument.”

You too can become an expert speaker with the right training and education offered by ING.

ING Summer Internships Still Available!

ing logo markWe have two remaining summer internships available for college students starting in June. We’re looking for exceptionally bright, hard-working, and career-oriented interns in public service who are interested in research and content development in religious studies, countering Islamophobia, and marketing and sales. Our interns work on dynamic, interdisciplinary projects in close concert with each other and ING staff. Internships are paid, and can be conducted on a part-time or full-time basis.

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Hiring decisions are made directly by the ING CEO. Please do not call our office. We will contact applicants whose skills and desires are a match for us.

Thank you to all our supporters who
attended ING’s South Bay Luncheon last Saturday


Speakers: Ameena Jandali, Henry Millstein, Marcia Beauchamp, and Steven Nightingale

Thank you to all our donors who attended our South Bay Luncheon on Saturday, May 9 which featured ING staff presenting ING’s accomplishments and future plans, which was followed by a conversation with the audience. ING’s luncheon on Saturday, May 9 featured ING staff describing their accomplishments and future plans as well as a Q & A session with the audience. The event, which began with Arabic music by Aswat and a South Asian buffet lunch, concluded with remarks from local author Steven Nightingale, who discussed the topic covered in his latest book, Granada: A Pomegranate in the Hand of God. The book describes Muslim contributions in Spain and the legendary convivencia—the “living together” of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish communities in Medieval Spain, a brilliant historical example of the power and intelligence of interfaith communities. The event concluded with a book signing by the author.

First Invocation by a Muslim at Notre Dame
de Namur University Commencement


Maha Elgenaidi shared the stage with University President Judith Maxwell Greig, Ph.D.,
and Fedele Bauccio, Chief Executive Officer of Bon Appetit.

ING CEO Maha Elgenaidi delivered the invocation at commencement ceremonies for Notre Dame de Namur University. In her remarks, which you can read here, she emphasized the importance of diversity, pluralism, and mutual respect in today’s world and encouraged the graduating class to promote those values in their future. Her speech, the first invocation delivered by a Muslim at the university, was greatly appreciated and well received by the faculty members, students and their families.

Selected Presentations from Last Week

ING speaker and trainer Ameena Jandali delivered a presentation on Healthcare for the Muslim Patient to a group of healthcare providers at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton. The presentation, which covers both a basic overview of religious practices as well as specific practices which impact a Muslim patient, was well received by the audience who had many questions about their experiences with local Muslim patients and their families.

An ING speaker participated in an interfaith panel about death and dying at the Pacific School of Religion where she joined other panelists in describing their religious traditions’ rituals and customs before and after death. The commonalities in burial and mourning practices of the three faiths represented were notable, particularly between Judaism and Islam, which use some of the same words, such as “taharah” for washing. All the traditions mentioned some sort of burial ritual, food, and prayers. Indeed, death knows no distinction of faith.

ING CEO Maha Elgenaidi delivered a presentation on Muslims and Contemporary Issues at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Palo Alto, which covered issues such as shariah, women’s rights, extremism, pluralism, and living the faith in the United States.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 16 – 6 PM
Community Conversation with ING & CAIR: Chapel Hill Murders, Islamophobia, and Moving Forward
West Valley Muslim Association – Saratoga

The West Valley Muslim Association will hold a conversation with ING, CAIR-SFBA, and with a representative from the Muslim Mental Health Professionals Network about the current landscape of hate crimes and Islamophobia. With anti-Muslim advertisements running on buses in San Francisco and the tragic killings in Chapel Hill, understanding what is happening and what we can do to push back as individuals and a community is critical.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 19-20
ING at the Ninth Annual Council on Foreign Relations Religion and Foreign Policy Summer Workshop
Council on Foreign Relations – New York

ING staff will attend the Council on Foreign Relations’ Ninth Annual Religion and Foreign Policy Summer Workshop in New York on May 19th and 20th. The workshop brings together religious and congregational leaders and scholars from across the country for conversations on pressing international concerns with policymakers, CFR fellows, and other experts. This year the focus will be on Religious Freedom, Countering Violent Extremism, and Peacebuilding Efforts.

Wednesday, July 15 – 2:30 PM
Healthcare for the Muslim Patient
Chaplaincy Institute – Berkeley

ING’s Healthcare for the Muslim Patient seminar provides healthcare professionals with the information and skills to enhance their healthcare delivery to Muslim patients. After an overview of terminology, beliefs and practices, and demographics, topics include Islamic perspectives towards illness and healthcare, family systems, decision making processes, dress codes, privacy and gender issues, dietary guidelines, women’s healthcare including reproductive issues and labor and delivery, Islamic views on death and dying and end-of-life issues, emergency treatment, life support, terminal illness and palliative care.