We Can't Expect Children to Correct Misconceptions in Class

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Thank you to all of those who attended ING’s Ramadan Dinner


With a crowd of 150 people, we were blessed to raise nearly $85,000 which brings us closer to our Ramadan goal of $150,000. We need your help to raise the rest.

    Shehnaz Khan explains why she supports ING

I’m a parent of three children in the Bay Area. One of the aspects of ING that is most appealing to me as a parent is knowing that ING is out there educating the educators. Discussions happen in the classroom about 9/11 which leads to discussions about Muslims. Our children cannot be expected to correct misconceptions or stereotypes in class. It is really comforting to know that ING is there to alleviate a lot of those misconceptions and provide information about Muslims to teachers and students. – Shehnaz Khan

Participate in ING’s Ramadan campaign today with your online donations. Every dollar you contribute goes to challenge stereotypes and prevent prejudice and bigotry.

$25 – to reach 50 educators
$50 – to reach 10 schools
$100 – to reach 1 school district
$250 – to reach 3 school districts
$500 – to reach 6 school districts
$1,000 – to hold a youth and speakers training
$5,000 – to do one educator mailing to schools in seven Bay Area counties

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