Celebrating Earth Month; 4/14/11

04/14/11 – While Earth Day this year falls on April 22nd, communities across the nation and the world are convening activities throughout the month. This annual commemoration is a timely reminder of the growing importance of taking care of this earth, our home. With growing evidence of climate change and its impact and the continuing threat of recent oil spills, nuclear melt-downs and other smaller environmental disasters, all citizens of this earth must rededicate ourselves to this important issue and do what we can to play our part. At ING we adopted eco-friendly policies in 2007 that we strive to implement not only in the office but in our homes. As a reminder to ourselves and to our volunteers and supporters we encourage taking the necessary steps to live a life that is more environmental and conscious of the responsibility we all bear.

ING also delivers presentations on Islam and the Environment. Please contact [email protected]  if you are interested in learning more about the presentation.

Women in Islam Presentation at San Francisco State University

ING director Ameena Jandali delivered a presentation on Women in Islam at San Francisco State University on Tuesday, April 12th. After outlining some of the rights and responsibilities that Islam granted women, she addressed some of the common stereotypes about Muslim women, including the current controversial issue surrounding the banning of niqab in France. The topic of women in Islam is one of the most common ones requested by college students due to the many misconceptions relating to the subject. To schedule a presentation on Women in Islam, contact [email protected].

Quran, Muhammed, and Islamic Law

ING director Maha Elgenaidi delivered a presentation and led a discussion at Congregation Sherith Israel on Sunday, April 10th on Muslim beliefs and practices, focusing on the issue of Islamic law or shariah as it relates to moderation, gender equity and the relation of Muslims to people of other faiths. The lively discussion addressed the controversial topic of “shariah creep,” literalism and diversity of Scriptural interpretation, pluralism and apostasy laws as well as Jewish-Muslim relations in the U.S. To schedule a presentation at your congregation on topics relating to Islam and Muslims, contact [email protected]

UPF TV Launches My Fellow American Campaign

Unity Productions Foundation TV has launced a Facebook campaign My Fellow American as a national campaign to share the untold stories of Muslim Americans.