Coming Soon: ING’s Three Year Impact Report

Coming Soon:  ING’s Three Year Impact Report

Being effective changemakers takes more than just doing great work – it requires effectively measuring impact. With this in mind, we are excited to for the upcoming release of our Three Year Impact eReport, which showcases how the past three years have been record-breaking for ING as we continue to deepen our impact.

For example:

While only 24% of student respondents reported a “high” level of knowledge of Islam before an ING presentation, after a presentation that figure increased sharply to 73%. 

With more knowledge comes improved opinions. For instance, the percentage of students who see Islam as promoting peace increased from 57% to 82% after a presentation.

ING’s total reach has also grown substantially. Including the Islamic Speaker’s Bureau, Interfaith Panels, and other trainings, the audience for ING programs increased from 10,000 people in 2009 to nearly 40,000 in 2012.

Want to learn more about how ING is increasing its impact while expanding its reach? Look out for the upcoming release of the full Three Year Impact Report.