Congressman Keith Ellison Supports ING Programs

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Congressman Keith Ellison
Supports ING Programs

keithellison“One of the most important ways that Muslim Americans could influence policy that affects them in Washington, DC is by being engaged in their local towns and communities in developing knowledge and changing attitudes about Muslims and their faith. This is why ING’s work in education and interfaith engagement is vital for Muslim contributions and a better America, and why I support them.”
– MN Congressman Keith Ellison

You can help ING leverage its content and experience by developing the following new distribution channels. Both projects will have a profound impact on improving perceptions of Muslims as well as building relations between Muslims and their local public institutions.

bullying can be stoppediPad App for Educators

Donations will build and market an iPad app for educators. ING has all the content it needs, 21 years of experience in teaching about Muslims and their faith in schools, and a solid network of educators across the country who have iPads and have worked with ING. Building the app will expedite distribution of the lesson plans and make it easier for educators to teach about Islam and Muslims all across the country through our affiliates.

ing and law enforcementOnline Police Training

Donations will create and market online training on Muslim Americans for police officers which will be based on our 15 years of experience training law enforcement agencies. This is important because after 9/11 many Islamophobes started calling themselves experts on ‘Islam and terrorism’ and offered trainings on the subject to law enforcement agencies around the country. To counter the misconceptions these Islamophobes have spread, we want to create a video version of one of our live trainings, and along with our training PowerPoint and scripts, create an online channel for distribution of our police training. 

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