December 22, 2011 – ING IMPACT 2011 – Perceptions

ING Improves Understanding of Muslims and their Faith by up to 75% in pre and post surveys.

American Muslims today are heading toward what ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi terms “a perfect storm”:  Year-long presidential campaign in which President Barack Obama is misperceived to be a Muslim by many Americans which makes “Islam” a wedge issue in the campaign; increasingly negative public sentiments about Americans Muslims where polls show that ½ Americans have fears about Islam; concerted efforts to enact “anti-Shariah” legislation in state after state by a well documented Islamophobia Network; and Congressman King hearings on alleged radicalization of American Muslims are all coming together to produce the likelihood of a significant increase in prejudice against and attacks on the Muslim community. As data from the surveys of students before and after experiencing Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) presentations attest, ING is playing a critical role in reducing this threat by changing perceptions of Muslims.

Before and after each ISB presentation, ING evaluates student attitudes toward Muslims with questions that revolve around six common stereotypes:

1.       Muslims are insular and isolated from the rest of America
2.       Muslims are misogynist
3.       Muslims are “Islamists” hostile to America
4.       Muslims are intolerant of other religions and cultures
5.       Islam promotes violence
6.      Muslims are locked into low-paid and menial occupations

As data from the surveys of students and adults before and after an ING presentation or panel attest, ING is playing a critical role in changing perceptions of Muslims and their faith. View results of our impact studies for 2010-2011and 2009-2010 reports and see for yourself the impact ING is making!

Based on 1,507 returned surveys in 2010-2011

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