Diversity Training for Law Enforcement Personnel

Dynamic Trainings to Foster Safer Communities

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Topics

Unconscious Bias

The historical origins of stereotypes or assumptions made about different racialized groups

Impact on Communities

How stereotypes have impacted different communities which has led to systemic racism.

Cultural Competency

What speakers want the audience to know about their group as well as best practices for interaction

Call to Action: Countering Bias and Racism

Both interpersonal and institutional calls to actions and processes for dismantling racism

Working to Make a Difference

Based on surveys and evaluations by requesters of our programs,
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report ING content is relevant, and fulfills their needs and expectations.


give high ratings to our speakers’ skills in knowledge, delivery, and effectiveness.


report high rates of satisfaction with our presentations and panels.

Past Clients

What Clients Say About ING Panels and Presentations

“I thought that the training was outstanding. It was relevant, informative, and engaging while remaining within the allotted time we gave you. I think this is a training all public officials could benefit from, and I learned a lot about Islam and Muslims that I did not know. Everything I learned can be put to practical use and will ensure that we continue to offer the highest standards of service to all members of our community.”                  

Commander, Police Department, California

“I thought it was an extremely valuable training, especially in today’s day and age with all the misunderstandings and misperceptions of the Muslim community. I had a lot of takeaways, and I feel it will help my staff and me develop better relationships with the Muslim community and better respond to their needs. I highly recommend this training.”

Captain, Police Department, California