Do American Muslim Women Play Soccer? Sure!


Do American Muslim
Women Play Soccer? Sure!

Asma Ghori, born and raised in California, is a full-time mother in Los Gatos. In this video, she tells the story of her life with ING. Particularly compelling is her account of how her very appearance and demeanor as an ING speaker dispel prejudice:

“I’ve changed perceptions about Islam through ING presentations. My introduction breaks down stereotypes right away. I definitely think the work I do at ING is important.’”

– Asma Ghori

Breaking Down Stereotypes


Asma, as a Muslim woman with a typical California upbringing, attending school and playing soccer, brings students face-to-face with the reality of a thoroughly American Muslim. It’s no wonder, then, that the 2012-2014 ING Impact Report shows the dramatic impact of ING presentations on students’ perception of Muslims as genuine, everyday Americans:after an ING presentation:

  • The percentage of those who see Muslims as “Americans like myself” rises by 54%
  • The percentage of those who think Muslims are “not true Americans” falls by 52%
  • The percentage of those who recognize that Muslims “have long been part of American history” rises by 54%
  • The percentage of those who think of Muslims as “foreigners who don’t speak English” falls by 55%


Save the Date!
ING Ramadan Dinner
Sunday, July 13


ING‘s annual Ramadan dinner will be on Sunday, July 13th at the Muslim Community Center in Pleasanton. The event will feature Bay Area scholar and activist Usama Canon and ING founder and trustee Maha Elgenaidi. They will discuss the important and timely topic of First Principles in Islam. To learn more or register see here.