Do you Contribute to Islamophobia?

Releasing Our Updated Presentation on Islamophobia and Its Impact on Muslims and other Americans

Open to the public at

A promotional poster for Homeland Season Four. (Jim Fiscus/Showtime)

Do you wonder where many common stereotypes about Muslims come from? What enables Islamophobia, and how is it disseminated? Is it possible that you’re contributing to Islamophobia without knowing it? How do we counter Islamophobia?

These and other questions are answered by an updated ING presentation that looks at Islamophobia and its impact. The presentation is available to the public here, and includes a digital presentation as well as scripts for each slide that provide further detail. Presentation topics include the evolving definition of Islamophobia, historical and contemporary factors that enable Islamophobia, how it’s disseminated in society, its impact on Muslims and all Americans, and ways to counter Islamophobia.

This resource is useful for anyone who wants to learn more about the topic or would like to present the information to others. The scripts also include over a hundred references as endnotes.

Feel free to send me feedback on how we might improve the presentation at [email protected]

Thank you,
Ameena Jandali
Content Manager
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