Educator Seminar Overview

Cultural Diversity Seminar for Educators

Designed for K-12 district administrators and teachers as well as faculty in colleges and schools of education, department chairs, deans and pre-service teachers, this seminar provides valuable information and resources for improving interaction with Muslim students and their families, while helping build an inclusive learning environment for all students.

“Schools and districts should promote professional learning that deepens [the] understanding about the culture of the community and how to best meet their needs.”  – Study of Availability and Effectiveness of Cultural Competency Training, WestEd and ROCKMAN ET AL

Educator Seminar: Understanding Muslim Students: Fostering an Inclusive Environment

This seminar begins with a conversation about common stereotypes relating to Muslims and their faith followed by an overview of Muslim traditions and practices, as well as pertinent contemporary issues, and their implications for Muslim students. The seminar covers federal laws and education codes pertaining to teaching about religion and addresses the topic of religious practice in the public school system. It concludes with tips for interacting with Muslim students in a post 9/11 environment while ensuring an inclusive and safe learning environment for all students where they can perform their best. Educators and administrative leaders will have the opportunity to share their experiences about teaching in today’s diverse classrooms.


  • Cultural awareness and development of cultural competency skills as it relates to working with American Muslim students, their parents and community.
  • Improved relationships with Muslim students and their families, which potentially results in higher levels of learning.
  • Prevention of teasing or harassment and improved student safety.
  • Greater understanding and respect for students of all backgrounds.
  • Fulfillment of requirements for certification, credentials and professional development programs.

K-12 school district administrators and staff; K-12 teachers and higher education faculty; deans and department chairs in colleges and schools of education; pre-service teachers.

Workshop Length: 2 hours
Number of Participants: 20 or more
Available: onsite or via webinar

Resource Kit*

  • ING Presentation Slide Handouts
  • Answers to FAQs About Muslims
  • A Teacher’s Guide to Religion in Public Schools
  • Recommended Educational Resources for Teaching about Muslims and Islam
  • Tips for Preventing Hate Crimes and Harassment
  • Educational Resources Catalogs
  • Calendar of Islamic Dates

*NOTE: Webinar participants will have access to selected items in the resource kit by downloading PDF files from a secure website 3-5 days before the seminar date.

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