Educators Overview

Cultural Diversity Seminar for Education Leaders

Designed for K-12 district administrators and teachers as well as faculty in colleges and schools of education, department chairs, deans and pre-service teachers, this seminar titled “Understanding Muslim Students: Fostering an Inclusive Environment” provides valuable information and resources for improving interaction with Muslim students and their families, while helping build an inclusive learning environment for all students. Since 1997, ING has conducted educator seminars both locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally. To learn more about ING’s cultural diversity seminar for educators click here.

Religious Practices of Muslim Students in Public Schools

Religiously mandated practices for students are protected by the First Amendment, which upholds the right to freedom of religion. The First Amendment guarantees such religious rights as the right to wear religiously mandated clothing and to observe religiously mandated dietary rules. It also guarantees the right of a student to engage in personal worship or prayer, so long as it is student initiated and does not disrupt classroom instruction. The Equal Access Act of 1984 further affirms the rights of students to initiate and participate in religious activities, such as religious clubs or even prayer services, as long as they are initiated and led by students. Read more.