Eid Mubarak & ING Updates in the Bay Area; 8/30/11


Between September and December 2005, ING in San Francisco Bay Area completed a busy fall semester with a total of 362 presentations delivered in the eight Bay Area counties to a total of 15,000 people. Based on evaluations and feedback from audiences, ING is reframing perceptions about Islam and Muslims, as in the following quotes:

– “I never really understood the commonalities between Judaism and Islam until [ING’s speaker]…” _ Synagogue congregant
– “Understanding the significance of [hijab]… and your other rituals will help me do my job better…” _ Police officer
– “My mom needs to know that not all Muslims are terrorists…” _ 7th grade student
– “I don’t know what I would do without [the ING speakers bureau]…” _ Teacher
– “One of the best presentations I’ve ever attended!” _ Mental health therapist
– “Everyone needs to get this training…” _ Corporate manager

Of the 362 presentations, the breakdown is as follows:


During the fall semester, ING speakers delivered a total of 300 presentations to 9,000 students in grades 7-12 as follows.

* 204 presentations in Middle School classrooms
* 96 presentations in High School classrooms

The majority of presentations were the basic “Orientation on Islam and Muslims,” but also included a growing number of requests for the “Roots of Islam in America,” “Islamic Contributions to Civilization,” and “Women in Islam.” These presentations were to both middle and high schools, with an increasing number of requests in high school world history or related classes.


During the same period, ING speakers also delivered 62 presentations to approximately 6,000 adults in a variety of venues. These include the following:

National and international conferences:
– Islamic Society of North America Annual Convention, where ING presented in four workshops and one main session on topics relating to outreach.
– Muslim Communities Participating in Society: A Belgian-US Dialogue in Belgium (3 days)
– Faith & Social Responsibility discussion at Georgetown University with scholars and Prince Charles of the UK (1 day)
– First Amendment Center constitutional scholars conference in Chicago (2 days)
– Women, Faith and Philanthropy conference in San Francisco (2 days)
– Reframing Perceptions of Islam and Muslims with East-West Institute dialogue (ongoing)
– National Council for the Social Studies in Kansas City (workshop on common FAQ’s) 
– Bible by the Bay conference (workshop on the Bible in Islam)

ING senior trainers conducted cultural diversity workshops that focused on interacting with Muslim employees in the following venues:
– Meeting of Bay Area Federal Executive HR Managers Executive, organized by the EEOC
– HR Managers Roundtable attended by HR managers from Charles Schwab, PeopleSoft, Oracle, CISCO, Intuit, Intel, Apple, Gap, Safeway, etc.
– Upwardly Global Diversity Managers Conference
– Corporate training at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, held during Ramadan

Community centers and clubs:
ING speakers delivered 23 presentations that covered the basics on Islam and Muslims, Women in Islam, and related topics to a variety of community centers, clubs, associations and other groups, including:
– San Jose Public Libraries (4)
– Public Haven Retirement Community Center
– American Association of University Women
– American Business Women’s Association
– Mary Elizabeth Inn women’s Center
– Delta Kappa Gamma Society of Women Educators
– Cultural Integration Fellowship
– Seeking Common Ground
– Several Bay Area Islamic Centers for presentations to Americans of other faiths and Muslim youth groups

Colleges and Universities:
ING speakers delivered presentations on Islam, Women in Islam, and other topics in forums organized by MSA’s or at the invitation of professors at 17 colleges and universities, including:
– California State University Monterey
– College of San Mateo
– Dominican University of California
– Las Positas College
– Mission College
– Cowell College
– A&M University in Texas
– Pacific Union College
– UC Davis
– UC Berkeley
– Graduate Theological Union

Faith based organizations:
During the same period, ING speakers delivered presentations that focused on the beliefs and practices of Muslims to the following faith based organizations:
– Bethel Community Presbyterian Church
– Congregation Rodef Sholom
– Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
– Women’s Fellowship Presbyterian Church

Police departments:
ING senior trainers conducted a cultural sensitivity training on interacting with the Muslim community for the entire Brentwood Police Department in the east bay.

Healthcare providers:
ING senior trainers conducted 6 trainings on providing healthcare for Muslim patients to health care providers and chaplains at the following venues:
– University of Penn Medical School, Pennsylvania
– Sutter Health Chaplains, Oakland
– Drenk Foundation, New Jersey
– Pathways Home Health & Hospice, Santa Clara
– UCSF School of Nursing, San Francisco
– Chaplaincy Institute, Berkeley

– ING spokespersons were interviewed by Iraqi Television on their outreach work in the U.S.

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