For Schools:: Engage your Students with ING’s FREE Interactive Presentations on Five Major World Religions

Do you believe the United States is a unique country that stands for something special in the world? Do you think it is important for your students to learn the full history of the founding and development of the United States? Do you want to instill the value of mutual respect for different faiths and beliefs in your students? (AEI survey of social studies and history teachers).

Islamic Networks Group (ING) has been working in the Bay Area for over 18 years to educate students and the general public about American Muslims and their faith through the Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB). Through the Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB), ING has also provided interactive panels and presentations about five world religions – Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Based on survey results, students that have experienced an ING presentation have consistently higher CST scores than students that have not.

ING offers six different presentations about American Muslims and related topics and seven topics for interfaith panels. These presentations are interactive, allow for in-depth discussion, and provide a rare opportunity for your students to interact firsthand with representatives of the five major world religions. According to the National Education Association and other experts on effective learning techniques, interactive methods of teaching that include visuals and discussion can help youth better retain information that they learn.

ORDER a free presentation.  Please allow at least 2 weeks advance notice for scheduling a presentation.