Intercultural Speakers Bureau Training — San Jose, Santana Row

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Date(s) - Thursday, October 10th, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

ING Office


Join Islamic Networks Group on Thursday, October 10th for dinner and to learn more about ING’s new program, the Intercultural Speakers Bureau!

The Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB) promotes inclusive and equitable communities. Modeled after the Interfaith Speakers Bureau, the ICSB organizes panels of two or more representatives from various religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to speak about the roots and interconnectedness of various forms of bigotry.

Panels of speakers address the history and impact of knowledge creation under colonialism and slavery, old and neo-orientalism, xenophobia, and internalized bigotry. Working from the well-established social-science principle that face-to-face education and engagement are the most effective ways to dispel prejudice, panels will include group discussions and conclude with calls to action to counter prejudice and hate while building an inclusive society based on mutual understanding and solidarity.

ING speakers in the Intercultural Speakers Bureau program are certified after a process of professional development working with veteran speakers who collectively have more than 50 years of experience in public speaking.

Who should attend this training? 

ING’s Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB) is looking for speakers from all religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds especially those from Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Black, Latinx, Asian, and Native American backgrounds who have an interest in educating diverse audiences (from schools to colleges to interfaith groups) about this topic, with the goal of countering bigotry and promoting mutual understanding and respect.

ING’s ICSB training prepares speakers to discuss the roots of bigotry, its impact on these groups, and brainstorm strategies to counter it in our communities and society.  Being an ICSB speaker is a rewarding way to build understandings and relationships among people of different religions and cultures, a critically important task in our country and our world today.

This training session will cover ING’s background and mission, the context for ICSB panels in today’s environment, the purpose and format of ICSB panels, speaker procedures, tips and guidelines, and the basics of ICSB panel content. Participants who choose to complete the training process will receive an ICSB panelist kit containing the content for ICSB panels.

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