In Qatar, Muslim, Jewish Clerics Meet

ING News & Information, 5/28/08

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  • “Feminism in Islam,” Stanford Department of Anthropology, 5/20/08
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Latest News on ING Blog
News relating to cultural diversity education, interfaith relations, and separation of church and state

In Qatar, Muslim, Jewish clerics meet

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — More than a dozen Jewish rabbis, including two from Israel, were in attendance this week as this conservative Muslim sheikdom opened one of the Gulf’s first scholarly centers dedicated to interfaith dialogue. The rare meeting of Muslim, Christian and Jewish scholars in the heartland of conservative Islam is another sign of Qatar’s efforts to present a moderate image as it bids for the 2016 summer Olympic Games. It is also part of a broader push by Arab governments for interfaith dialogue… For the full article, go to:

Events of Interest:

“Overview on Islam and Muslims” for Cupertino Rotary, 5/21/08

An ING speaker delivered an “Overview on Islam and Muslims” presentation for the Cupertino Rotary Club on May 15, at the Quinlan Community Center in Cupertino. Over 100 audience members, including former mayors, the City Manager, and other city officials from Cupertino attended the event. Following the luncheon, the speaker began by reviewing polls and surveys on American sentiments toward Islam and Muslims post 9/11 and U.S. combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and their consequences on Muslim American civil rights. Then the speaker gave an overview of Islam and Muslims, addressing stereotypes and answering numerous questions relating to Muslim American civic engagement and Islam’s views on a number of topics such as pluralism and moderation.

Independence High School Luncheon for Teachers, 5/20/08

An ING speaker spoke at a luncheon attended by about 50 teachers and 20 students on Tuesday, May 20th at Independence High School in San Jose, where the speaker addressed the topic of Women in Islam and related issues. After reviewing the diversity of Muslim women in America and around the world, she answered questions which focused both on women’s issues as well as contemporary issues. Many teachers expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage in conversation.

Northern California Religious Leaders in Conversation, 5/20/08

ING’s president, Maha Elgenaidi joined a panel of speakers addressing the topic of the “Challenges and Joys of Religious Communities” at the monthly meeting of Northern California Religious Leaders on Tuesday, May 20 at the Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland. About 25 prominent Bay Area religious leaders attended the event. Maha addressed challenges of the Muslim community by describing their current political climate and the demonization of Islam and Muslims in mass culture. She cited several polls to illustrate this point and the importance of standing together against hatred of any religious group or people. She then shared some of the joys of working in the Muslim community, including Islam’s pluralistic outlook, which many people are unaware of, and how interfaith work is authentic for Muslims.

“Feminism in Islam,” Stanford Department of Anthropology, 5/20/08

ING’s president, Maha Elgenaidi, addressed the topic of “Feminism in Islam” for a class on Women in the Muslim and Arab Worlds in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford University on Tuesday, May 20. Defining feminism as a moral philosophy, she began by addressing how according to Islamic teachings the rights of women in law, economics, education, politics, family etc. were revealed by God 1400 years ago as transmitted by the Prophet Muhammad and compiled in the Quran, Islam’s primary source. She went on to describe how these rights have been stripped away over the centuries, filtered through multiple social, political and economic factors, and the role of the western media and concepts of feminism in further alienating Muslim women by excluding them from the larger international conversation on women’s inalienable human rights. Following the lecture, the audience plied Maha with questions, ranging from queries about segregation of men and women in sacred spaces, women leading the prayer of men, etc.

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