Highlights from A Busy Summer At ING


Highlights from A Busy
Summer At ING


ING Speaker Rehmat Kharal (far left) speaks on an
interfaith panel about religious symbols


Two ING Presentations to Chaplains

ING speaker Ameena Jandali presented to two different chaplaincy programs in Berkeley this summer, the first at Sutter-Alta Bates, shown above, and the second to students at the Chaplaincy Institute. Both presentations included a description of specific issues that impact a Muslim patient. Following the three hour presentations, the students visited the local mosque in Berkeley where they attended Friday prayers and took a tour of the mosque. To request a presentation for chaplains contact [email protected].


Discussion of Islam
and the Environment

An ING speaker took part in a discussion on Islam and the environment at a church in the East Bay, sharing some of the Qur’anic and prophetic teachings about how to treat the earth and conserve resources in an interview style discussion with Robyn Purchia, environmental attorney and director of EdenKeeper.org, a site dedicated to exploring the relationship between religion and the environment. To request a presentation on Islam and the environment contact [email protected].


Understanding Muslim Cultures

ING trustee Maha Elgenaidi delivered an overview of Muslim cultures for employees at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab. The event was covered by the Lab’s newsletter and was sponsored by the Asian-Pacific American Council and the office of Strategic Diversity Programs at the Lab. Photo courtesy LLNL/Public Affairs Office