Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | Help Counter Systemic Racism

January 18, 2021

Driving Out Darkness with Light:
Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s Message of Faith-Based Activism

In commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, view ING’s panel of interreligious leaders in a conversation on the intersection of faith and activism and on how Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of love for country can help us overcome the sharp political polarization that has marked our nation for the past several years. The event, which was held last Friday, can be viewed here: Facebook or YouTube.


  • Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Resident Imam of Masjidul Waritheen in Oakland, CA
  • Reverend Jeff Moore, Pastor of Rehoboth Christian Center in Alameda, CA, and President of the San Jose/Silicon Valley National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • Rabbi Amy Eilberg, spiritual director, kindness coach, and peace and justice educator
  • Sheila Mohan, member of Chinmaya Mission in San Jose, CA
  • AmarAtma Khalsa, Sikh Dharma Minister, a Board Certified Chaplain, and an Acupuncturist


  • Ishaq Pathan, Bay Area Director at ING

Recruiting Intercultural Speakers

Do you have an interest in educating diverse audiences about the history of your community and taking an active role in addressing bigotry and systemic racism in the United States through education? Then consider joining the Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB)!

If you or someone you know has previous public speaking experience, are familiar with U.S. history and the history of your cultural group, and have the capacity to participate in at least 4 panel presentations a year, then we encourage you to sign up for the upcoming speaker training on Wednesday, January 27th from 5:30 – 7:30pm PST.

About the Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB)

Funded by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Haas Sr. Fund, and the San Francisco Foundation, the Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB) addresses and counters racism across racial, ethnic, and religious groups by bringing together a panel of speakers from communities targeted by bigotry in the United States to educate about how racist narratives about marginalized people were formed and framed in history and then embedded in culture institutionally and through implicit biases. We end all panels with calls to action to counter racism and build an equitable America for all.

The panel focuses on the shared history and diverse breadth of experiences from the following groups: Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, Indigenous Peoples, African Americans, Latinx Americans, and Asian Americans. After opening with a discussion on the formation and dissemination of dominant narratives, each panelist speaks about how this has manifested in her or his community and what we can do together to counter racism.

Past panel locations include high schools, churches, synagogues, law enforcement agencies, government offices, and Facebook Live webinars.

“This was a very educational panel and presentation. Anyone who hasn’t had or taken the time to learn the basics of the structural and historical elements of racism, colorism, and colonialism would gain a great deal from this panel.” (City Employee, California)

Reach out to Program Manager Rahimeh Ramezany with any questions at [email protected] We look forward to seeing you there!